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plastic waste

Hotel chain on a mission to reduce carbon footprint

We all know the harm plastic bags are doing to our environment, with social media showing marine life entangled and imagery of our plastics stockpiling around New Zealand with nowhere for it to go.

It’s great to see there are positive steps being taken by organisations who are doing something about reducing their plastic usage and finding ways to minimise waste. And we love to share stories of businesses we work with who are leading the way, creating a better world for next generations to inherit. So, it was a pleasure to chat with Cordis Hotel.

Since Cordis Hotel became EarthCheck certified they have been actively looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Using Ecopack compostable bin liners for their rooms is just one of the many ways they are striving to operate more sustainably.

A representative for Cordis said, “Our latest initiative was to replace our disposable plastic bin liners with a more sustainable option in all of our hotel rooms. Ecobags have done a great job in providing us with high quality compostable bin liners at a competitive price."

And it appears that the initiative has been popular with customers and staff alike, he said, "Our housekeeping team have commented on how soft they are to use and love the fact that it is a step forward for our environment! We're intentionally looking for other sustainable products to use going forward.”

Cordis has been working on reducing single-use plastics consumption by either removing or replacing them with eco-friendlier alternatives. In addition to replacing their in-room bin liners, they have also replaced plastic straws and cocktail sticks with paper and bamboo alternatives.

If you want to chat about replacing your retail or workplace plastic bags please contact us directly.

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