We specialise in providing recyclable, reusable eco-friendly bags for your business needs.
Our jute bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, non-woven and bamboo bags are alternative to plastic bags.
Promote your business by choosing a more sustainable packaging solution.

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ecobags plastic bag hazard
July 6, 2016by : admin

Choking Hazard: How Plastic Bags are Decimating Marine Populations

There are a million and one uses for plastic bags. It would be great except for one thing. Plastic bags are rarely, if ever, recycled. An average family utilizes 1,500 plastic bags each year. When you multiply that number by the number of families there a

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alternative grocery bags
June 16, 2016by : admin

Weaving a Greener Future: How Alternative Grocery Bags are Made

When choosing a reusable grocery bag, it is important to understand how each is made, and the impact each type of bag can have on the environment. Here is a short rundown of the manufacturing process for several of the most popular reusable grocery bags a

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June 13, 2016by : admin

Benefits of jute bags

Paper Beats Rock, Jute Beats Paper: Benefits of Jute Reusable Grocery Bags Over Paper Grocery Bags Since the 17th century, the West has been using jute to make textiles like the people of East Bangladesh have for centuries before them. Jute is a vegetabl

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