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ECO-Cello-Home Compostable Transparent Bags - Sample Request


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These bags look, feel and perform like their conventional cellophane/plastic contemporaries but they have one huge advantage: they’re 100% home compostable! Furthermore they’re marine tested to ensure that they’ll break down in water without harming any fragile ecosystems.

Choose from the following sizes (max. one sample per size):

  • ECO-Cello 1 -   60 x 115mm
  • ECO-Cello 2-    110 x 115mm
  • ECO-Cello 3 -   130 x 185mm
  • ECO-Cello 4 -    75 x 35 x 195mm
  • ECO-Cello 5 -   100 x 50 x 215mm
  • ECO-Cello 6-    110 x 55 x 265mm
  • ECO-Cello 7 -   125 x 55 x 305mm
  • ECO-Cello 8 -   180 x 285mm
  • ECO-Cello 9 -   230 x 305mm
  • ECO-Cello 10 - 230 x 355mm

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Compostable Compostable-Food-packaging Food_Packaging Material_Compostable not on sale Products_Food Storage

These biodegradable bags are perfect for food packaging and, depending on the volume of your product, can come with or without a bottom gusset.

Not suitable for liquid storage. Shelf life is 12-months from date of manufacture.

What is NatureFlex?

Our home compostable plastic wrap bags are created using NatureFlex, a speciality packaging film developed by Futamura made from cellulose, which is derived from wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests.

NatureFlex™ films are essentially a form of transparent paper, with technical attributes that closely resemble other cellulosic materials as opposed to conventional plastics. The wood pulp carries FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody certifications.

NatureFlex is both biodegradable and compostable having been certified by TÜV Austria to the OK Compost Home standard for home composting.

If you have any further questions regarding NatureFlex please get in touch with us or you can find more information here.