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Home Compostable Resealable Stand-Up Kraft Paper Pouches - Sample Request


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These natural-looking home compostable/biodegradable pouches make attractive and practical food packaging; they fold flat when empty and stand up when filled. They’re made with plant-based materials and lined with PLA to form a food-safe inside barrier.

Choose from these sizes (max. one sample per size):

  • 110 x 170 + 70mm - 70g (ECO-KR-1)
  • 130 x 210 + 80mm - 150g (ECO-KR-3)
  • 160 x 230 + 90mm - 250g (ECO-KR-4)
  • 190 x 265 + 110mm - 500g (ECO-KR-5)
  • 235 x 345 + 120mm - 1kg (ECO-KR-6)

Shipping fees apply.

Compostable Compostable-Food-packaging Compostable-Resealable Food_Packaging Material_Compostable not on sale Paper Products_Food Storage Resealable Bags

These biodegradable resealable bags are manufactured from home compostable material. They’re great for maximising storage and make for an attractive natural looking product display.

Choose from 5 size variants. Please note that capacity is estimated only (subject to the product held within).

Not suitable for liquid storage. Shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

Custom branding of pouches is available.

Pouches can be heat or vacuum sealed too.

Minimum order quantity for custom branding is 100 bags. Click on 'request a quote' above, or contact us, for help and information on branded packaging.

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Awesome product

Really great to stamp onto. Love that it is home compostable. Looks sharp. Great, speedy courier delivery. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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