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Our Pillars

  • Protect

    We are eco warriors and protectors of the earth – we rally others to do the same. We make solutions so that we can all be the change.
  • Grow

    We’re taking our homegrown eco approach to the world. By example, constant growth and improvement, we’re on a mission to make today better than yesterday.
  • Inform

    Ecopack takes responsibility to inform and educate our community about the positive difference you can make using our products. Leading the way for a cleaner environment.

Ecobags is a New Zealand company made up of people who believe in sustainability

  • We’re on a mission to provide sensible alternatives that help kiwis transition away from single-use plastic in their everyday lives and work.

    Husband and wife team, Jas and Simren, founded Ecobags NZ over a decade ago - long before the plastic bag ban that has seen so many competitors jump into this space in recent years.

    Initially providing early adopters like the Wellington Library with bespoke reusable bags – and have since pioneered a wide product range that strives to be kinder to the environment and challenge traditional plastic counterparts.

  • We believe strongly in the philosophy to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose. We proudly stand out as leaders in our sector.

    For us it’s not enough to simply keep abreast of sustainability trends; we want to lead consumers to practical solutions, and educate them on different packaging materials, so we can all join the movement towards a better tomorrow.

It started with a desire to do better...

  • Do the Right Thing

    We act with integrity and strive to do what's best for the people around us, the business, our customers, and the environment.
  • Be Transparent

    We want you to find it easy to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. So we do our best to lead the eco way by educating, informing and inspiring.
  • Customer Obsessed

    We are happy to help and try to go the extra mile. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.
  • Uphold Family Values

    We are a family business and operate like a family unit. We work cohesively in a shared space with common values.
  • Show Respect

    We are considerate of people's differences, and regard others' views, abilities, and feelings.


Our products meet stringent Australasian, European and American certifications.

Our compostable products are certified to relevant home and commercial composting standards. Our degradable products are certified by EPI. Fabric products meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and are manufactured ethically at Sedex certified factories. We make a number of Fairtrade cotton bags. And we source Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Recycled material for our paper bags wherever possible.

Please see individual product descriptions for specific certification information.

Giving Back

Every year we put a portion of our earnings back into fighting for the environment. For the past three years we have gotten behind the Trees That Count initiative - you'll see their Committed to Climate stamp on some of our products. Trees That Count are on a mission to get more native trees planted throughout New Zealand. They’re making this happen through tree gifting, corporate funding, supporting planting projects, and pulling together volunteer planters. Ka pai!