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Saving more plastic from entering the sea!

Saving more plastic from entering the sea!

We’re pleased to report that our Ecopack Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic bin liners are proving popular. And, so, we’re expanding the range and making more useful products from reclaimed ocean-bound plastic (OBP) waste.

We used 24 metric tonnes of recycled OBP waste in our first consignment of bin biners. And now we have a second full container of OBP, with the same amount again, on route to our factory. To put that in perspective, our first consignment of OBP saved the equivalent of 1.2 million 1L plastic bottles from polluting the ocean!

In addition to bin liners, we’ve branched out and made pet products and food service products from this ocean-saving material:


Consumer bin liners made with 60% ocean-bound plastic:


Commercial ocean-bound plastic that are bulk packed and low cost:


We’re hard at work coming up with more great products using OBP. We’re doing our little bit to turn the tide on marine plastic. Please join us in being part of the solution by purchasing these products online or from your local supermarket.

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