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Find us on the CoGo app

Find us on the CoGo app

We know our Ecobags and Ecopack customers are passionate about making a positive difference - and we want to help your fight for the environment a little bit easier. 

That's why we've partnered with CoGo - an awesome little homegrown app that helps you understand the impact your purchases and lifestyle has on the planet. It's both a carbon footprint tracker and guide to more sustainable living.

What we love most about this app is that there's no expectation to make unrealistic changes. It simply helps you to see what impact your purchases and lifestyle decisions are having and empowers you to make small changes that could start to make a big difference.

How CoGo works:
1. Sign up, connect your bank, and tell it what issues matter most to you
2. See your personalised carbon footprint in real-time
3. Track the percentage of your spending with real Living Wage businesses
4. Grow your positive impact by receiving personalised recommendations
5. Discover thousands of businesses across Aotearoa that match the social and environmental issues you care about
6. Offset your carbon emissions
7. Be part of a community driving for change

You can download the free app here
Find out more about this innovative NZ tech company here.

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