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Earth Rated named amongst top international pet brands

Earth Rated named amongst top international pet brands

One of our core values is quality. We’re always striving for excellence – and that’s represented in the products we create ourselves and the few exceptional international brands we distribute in Aotearoa.

This week, we we're thrilled to see that Earth Rated - a brand that we've been representing in New Zealand for a long time - has been named as one of America’s Best Petcare Brands 2021 by Newsweek.

Earth Rated is a Canadian company. Like us, they focus on making environmentally conscious, high quality products. They specialise in dog poop bags and dispensers (and have recently expanded their range to include pet wipes).

You’ll find Earth Rated listed in Newsweek’s best brands under the cleaning products category.

See the top brands in Newsweek:

Buy your award-winning Earth Rated poop bags and dispenser here:

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