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Bin liners that return to the Earth

Bin liners that return to the Earth

Our compostable bin liners contain corn starch, PLA and PBAT and are suitable for both commercial and home composting. This "bio-plastic" material is designed to biodegrade in moist conditions and return to carbon dioxide and water without leaving any harmful residues in the process.

They'll breakdown in approximately 90 - 180 days depending on compost environment (please note that they will not break down adequately if sent to landfill). They're designed to hold organic waste, like food scraps, and be disposed of in a composting environment - thus diverting waste away from landfill.

Our compostable products are all certified to strict international standards and we go so far as to use non-toxic water-based inks in printing on these products.

  • Contain GMO-free corn starch
  • Break down in 90 - 180 days
  • Feature handles to make them easy to carry
  • Include extra microns for strength
  • Certified for both home and commercial compost

Compostable bin liner range

Certification standards achieved:

✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Seedling Compostable Standard AS4736-2006 (ABAP 10113)
✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Home Compostable Standard AS5810-2010 (ABAP 20047)
✓ Din Certco European and North American Composting Standard DIN EN 13432:2000-12 & ASTM D 6400:2012-01 (7P0487)
✓ TUV Austria OK Compost Home & Industrial Standards (S0335)
✓ BPI Industrial Composting Standard ASTM D6400 (9001058-2)

The Compostable Bin Liner range includes:

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