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25 Simple ways to live more sustainably this summer

Living sustainably is all about using resources today in a way that maintains their supplies for the future. By living more sustainably, you’ll save money on a personal level, while combating excess waste on a community and global level. It all adds up! Summer is the perfect time to start living more sustainably. It’s warmer, the sun is out for longer, and it’s much easier to get in the garden to start a few projects. Here are our best tips. Choose your favourites to start your journey. 25 simple ways to live more sustainably this summer

Around the house:

  1. Get a few indoor plants: They will bring a little boost to your space as well as help fight indoor air pollution.
  2. Hang your clothes out to dry: On a warm day with a bit of wind flow, your clothes could dry within a few hours.
  3. Don’t waste water: Drink what you need, and give any left over to your plants or pets. It all adds up!
  4. Let the breeze in: Open your windows instead of turning on the air con. You can keep your windows open at night too, but make use of bug screens at home and ensure window openings are secure and safe.
  5. No junk mail: Put up a no junk mail sign on your letterbox to limit the amount of paper you consume.
  6. Hand wash small loads: Fill up a bucket and get some t-shirts in there.
  7. Buy a water filter: If you don’t like the taste of your home tap water, buy a water filter system.
  8. Store food correctly: Ditch the plastic wrap, and start stacking your leftovers in reusable containers.

Family tips:

  1. Eat at home: Get away from processed foods and takeaways and start making more meals at home. It’s cheaper and better for you too, and nothing beats a BBQ on the deck.
  2. Put on a potluck: Invite family and friends over for a party, and ask them to bring a specific food (in a reusable container) along with their own dinnerware. You’ll get quality time, and clean up will be minimal.
  3. Donate unused belongings: Have a good clear out, and instead of going to the dump, get to your local hospice where your belongings can be used again.
  4. Hold a garage sale: What you don’t need anymore, could be someone’s greatest wish. Make a little money along the way!
  5. Use leftover food: Before you open up or make anything new, see what you can whip up using leftovers. Omelettes are delicious with leftover roast veges.
  6. Unplug: Make a personal commitment to unplug more and reconnect with family and friends. Declare your independence from technology and live in the moment!

In the garden:

  1. Plant some natives: As native plants are adapted to the local environment already, planting them helps you cut back on water otherwise used to keep more foreign plants alive.
  2. Start your own veggie garden: Your fruit and vege will be organic and they also just taste better.
  3. Compost: Any leftovers that got lost in the back of the fridge can go in here, giving back to the environment. See more about composting the right way here, and check out our compostable bags with tie handles.

Out and about:

  1. Make your dog eco-conscious: You already pick up their poop, but ditch the plastic bags and give our compostable dog poop bags a go.
  2. Make use of local Farmers markets: You’ll be helping to keep your local economy going, while stocking up on local produce. Don’t forget to pack your reusable bags!
  3. Slow down on the road: It’ll help with your fuel consumption, as well as your mood. Get some good tunes going, and that’s a solid road trip!
  4. Take your bike to work: The weather is perfect for getting out on your bike, and our cycleways around New Zealand are choice!
  5. Try public transport: Even taking the train in once a week is a great idea for cutting down on fuel and gas emissions, as well as giving you extra time to relax and read a book.
  6. Camp consciously: If you are planning on going camping this summer, follow the ‘leave no trace’ seven principles. 1. Plan Ahead and Prepare 2. Travel and Camp on Durable Ground 3. Dispose of Waste Properly 4. Leave What You Find 5. Minimise the Effects of Fire 6. Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals 7. Be Considerate of Others

You can find out more here.

  1. Use non-toxic sunscreen: So you aren’t polluting your skin or the environment. Look for natural sunscreen, but ensure you don’t lose any important SPF numbers.
  2. Quit buying bottled water: Aluminium bottles keep water cooler for longer.
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