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If more dog owners started using Earthrated Dog Poop Bags, it would eliminate the need for the countless plastic bags dog owners go through each year.

While you’ll still be doing a lot for the environment throwing our Earthrated Compostable bags in regular bins, they can also be composted. We recommend taking them to your nearest composting facility. This will make your use of these eco-friendly products that much greener.

However, even if your used Earthrated Dog Poop Bags ultimately wind up at a landfill site, they’ll still degrade/compost in a much shorter space of time, compared to the conventional bags that can remain for centuries. While composting isn’t practical for everyone, disposing of these dog waste bags in regular bins won’t undermine how effective they are for protecting the environment.

We’re proud to be the only distributors for Earth Rated Poop Bags in New Zealand, including their scented and unscented poop bags.

We hope our products help you to be a more environmentally-friendly dog owner. Make this one easy switch, and you’ll be working wonders for the future of the world!



Green DISPGREEN with 15 (228x330mm) lavender scented eco-friendly bags in a roll

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120 lavender scented bags (228x330mm) 8 Rolls/box. Compatible with DISPGREEN

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Dispenser box with 300 bags (203x330mm) lavender scented eco-friendly bags

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Compostable bags. 15 unscented bags per roll (228x330mm) 4 Rolls/box. Compatible with DISPGREEN

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Dispenser box with 120 bags (178x342mm) lavender scented, extra large eco-friendly bags with handle

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