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While we love pups, picking up the poop ain’t so much flash! Luckily their range of scented and unscented bags make picking up poop a little more fun—all while keeping your pocketbook happy. We’re proud to be the only distributors for Earth Rated PoopBags in New Zealand, including their scented and unscented poop bags. Have a look at our selection to see what the hype is all about!



Green DISPGREEN with 15 (228x330mm) lavender scented eco-friendly bags in a roll

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120 lavender scented bags (228x330mm) 8 Rolls/box. Compatible with DISPGREEN

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Dispenser box with 300 bags (203x330mm) lavender scented eco-friendly bags

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Compostable bags. 15 unscented bags per roll (228x330mm) 4 Rolls/box. Compatible with DISPGREEN

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Dispenser box with 120 bags (178x342mm) lavender scented, extra large eco-friendly bags with handle

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Key advantages of Poop Bags