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Free shipping nationwide on orders over $150*

OC-300 Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Poop Bags Grab'n'Go Box


This grab’n’go bulk box of 300 bags is perfect for pantry storage or outdoor waste stations. These poop bags are extra strong and unscented. The roll is made to fit most standard outdoor dispensers found in public parks.

Bag size (mm): 205(w) x 335(h)
Bags per box: 300

These Ecopack poop bags are made with recycled ocean-bound plastic that has been recovered from coastlines and waterways.

An estimated 8 million tons of plastic pollution pours into our oceans every year - 80% of which comes from land. We can reduce that flow by recycling ocean-bound plastic into new and useful products - like these poop bags!

These bags are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, so they can hold any size poop safely. They're large enough to fully cover your hand during pick-up with plenty of room left to secure a knot when you're done.

Designed to be disposed of in general waste/landfill.

Bag size (mm): 205(w) x 335(h)
Bags per box: 300
Boxes per carton: 12
Core: 20mm (Outer Diameter) / 14mm (Inner Diameter)

What are Ecopack ocean-bound poop bags made from?

These bags are made with a percentage of ocean-bound plastic that has been recovered from coastal communities, shorelines, and riverbanks before it was able to wash out to sea.

How do I dispose of ocean-bound plastic poop bags afterwards ? 

Dispose of your ocean-bound plastic poop bags the same way you would a regular plastic bag filled with dog waste; place it in your general waste bin for kerbside collection.

Are these bags biodegradable?

No. Unlike Ecopack Home Compostable Poop Bags, these bags are not designed to break down. Instead, they've been made from discarded plastic to give them a second life. They are designed for general waste/landfill.

What is the difference between the Ecopack green compostable poop bags and these blue ones?

Ecopack's green poop bags are compostable. The blue ones are made with recycled ocean-bound plastic. Both are more sustainable alternatives than conventional plastic poop bags.

Make your choice on which to use, based on how you intend to dispose of them. If your likely to throw your filled bag in the nearest public rubbish bin while out at the park - choose the blue recycled ocean-bound plastic bags. If you're going to pop the poop in your home compost when you're finished walking around the block - choose the green compostable bags.

Are they flushable?

No! As a general rule, stay away from flushing your dog’s poop with or without a bag. It really depends on what water treatment plant your waste goes to, but flushing dog poop can upset water balance due to the high levels of BOD (biological oxygen deprivation).

What is the shelf life of Ecopack ocean-bound poop bags?

There is no 'use-by' or 'best before' date on these products. Like regular plastic, they will keep for a very long time without any degradation of product quality.

What is ocean-bound plastic?

Ocean-bound plastic (OBP) is post-consumer trash that has been recovered from coastal areas. 80% of plastic in the ocean comes from land, so by collecting plastic waste from waterways, coastlines, and riverbanks (within 50km of the shore) we're able to prevent that flow and help protect the ocean.

Does it make a difference to the environment?

Like all sustainability measures, every little bit helps. Using OBP in our products means that we are intercepting plastic waste at the source, putting less reliance on virgin plastics, reducing the flow of pollution headed offshore, protecting sea life, and supporting local communities.

Where is the ocean-bound plastic collected from?

We're currently using recycled ocean-bound plastic collected from beaches and shorelines in South East Asia. These areas have terrible marine pollution and little structured waste management. Regardless of where the raw OBP material comes from, if allowed to flow into the ocean it's a problem for all of us!

Can we be sure that these bags are helping the ocean?

Our ocean-bound plastic bags carry the SEArcular stamp. SEArcular is an ocean-bound plastic initiative by Greencore (a global recycling group). The entire supply chain is audited and traceable - from the waste pickers on the beach to the plastic suppliers.


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