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ED-1199 Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloths


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These cloths are not only soft and luxurious, and super absorbent, but eco-friendly too. They're made from 100% viscose (derived from easily renewable bamboo); they're reusable and biodegrable. No more single-use paper towels or microplastic-leeching synthetic cloths. Bamboo cloths are safe and practical.

Size (mm): 300(w) x 290(h)
Cloths per roll: 20

Order 6 rolls to receive one Carton

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These cloths stand up to being put through the wash multiple times and are designed to replace approximately six months of paper towels. Microwave to kill germs if necessary.

Use them over and over again in the kitchen (they’re food safe) or for general cleaning. They’re perfect for cleaning your glasses or mirrors, and delicate electronics or jewellery, and they make brilliantly soft reusable baby wipes too. A true all-rounder!

Cloths are made from 100% viscose, which is a material derived from bamboo that is both biodegradable and durable. Tested by Intertek NGBT06418767.

Size (mm): 300(w) x 290(h)
Cloths per roll: 20
Rolls per carton: 6
Total cloths in carton: 120