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Free shipping nationwide on orders over $150*

ED-1003 Home Compostable Cling Wrap

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Ecopack compostable cling wrap has been redeveloped to better simulate traditional plastic wrap - while still having the eco benefits of being home compostable. This new and improved version features a thicker sticky film, a more user-friendly cutting slide and robust, stable kraft dispenser box.

Size: 300mm x 30m
Quantity per pack: 1 roll + 1 cutting slide

Order 12 to receive one Carton

You've been wanting a compostable cling wrap for some time – but it's been a notoriously hard product to get right! After considerable trial and error we’re proud to offer a product that performs similarly to traditional plastic cling film, with the advantage of being 100% home compostable.

For ease of use each box includes a cutting slide (cling wrap is not perforated), which you'll find inside the roll core. The cutting slide has adhesive tape on the back to fix onto your box, as instructed, so you can always grab a length of cling wrap to suit the job in hand.

Ecopack cling wrap is food and freezer safe and is certified for home composting by Din Certco Home & Garden Composting 9P0020.

Size: 300mm x 30m
Rolls per box: 1
Boxes in a carton: 12
Total rolls in carton: 12

What are compostable products made with?

Like our compostable bin liners, compostable cling film contains PLA and PBAT (the main difference is that bin liners also contain GMO-free corn starch, cling film does not). This new compostable material is designed to degrade in moist conditions and return to carbon dioxide and water without leaving harmful residues in the process. Our compostable products are all certified to strict international standards. Form more information see our blog.

How long do they take to compost?

Compostable products will take approximately 90-180 days to decompose depending on the composting environment. Industrial composting is typically quicker than home composting for two main reasons:

1) temperatures reached inside a home composting bin is usually only a few centigrade degrees higher than the outside temperature, and this is true for short time periods (in industrial composting, the temperatures reach 50°C – with peaks of 60-70°C – for a number of months).

2) home composting bins are managed by everyday people and the composting conditions might not always be ideal (in contrast, industrial composting plants are managed by qualified personnel and kept under ideal working conditions).

See more frequently asked questions here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
midge janssen
A greatly improved product

Ecopack"s new "Extra Think" compostable cling wrap is a real improvement on their earlier product. It is much stronger and easier to handle, and the cutting blade is wider so cuts the film without crumpling or tearing at the edges.
Well done to them for listening to consumer feedback and producing a new improved product.

Great food wrap

I've tried two versions of compostable food wrap this this ecobags one works.
well. Best to store it out of the sunshine and good to know it's better for the enviorment.

Stickable but not 'sticky'!

I'm really impressed with your new Home Compostable Cling Wrap. It does all it promises and it even passed the 'half an avocado test' - clinging snugly to prevent it going brown. I very much like the fact that it is not too 'sticky' and therefore much easier to handle without any loss of stickability. I have assigned a used piece to my compost but it is obviously too early to comment on that but what a relief to find a product that does my green heart good! I will certainly purchase more.

Gary Armstrong
An excellent product

We have found this cling wrap and its dispenser to be very easy to use and most importantly it sticks well to itself when wrapping items either warm or cold for storage in the fridge or freezer. The wrap remains well adhered in there too, which was a problem we had faced with another brand. No more frozen homemade pizza escaping from its wrapper. Thanks Ecopack .

Thanks for your excellent review , Gary! We value you as our customer:-)

Helen Richardson
Ecobags Products

We have used the compostable bags, for a few years now, they break down very quickly in the garden, but dont cause any problems in the rubbish collection bin i.e. dont breakdown until in the garden :-)
We have just started using the cling wrap and it is working really well, just as expected.
thank you