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Ecopack 60L XL Compostable Garbage Bin Liners (1 Roll/5 Bags)

SKU ED-2060

These 60L compostable bin liners are made for extra large kitchen bins and commercial use. They contain corn starch with extra microns added for strength. Certified for home and commercial composting.

Size (mm): 640(w) x 780(h) + 170 (Tie Handle)
Quantity per roll: 5

Order 30 rolls to receive one full carton

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These bin liners contain GMO-free corn starch, PLA and PBAT and are suitable for both commercial and home composting. They're designed to hold organic matter (like food scraps, garden trimmings and waste paper) and be disposed of in a composting environment - thus diverting waste away from landfill.

A perfect fit for your large stand alone kitchen and commercial bins - and ideal for use in Method 60L organic bins (the green one).

Certification standards achieved:

✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Seedling Compostable Standard AS4736-2006 (ABAP 10113)

✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Home Compostable Standard AS5810-2010 (ABAP 20047)

✓ TUV Austria OK Compost Home & Industrial Standards (S0335)

Our compostable bin liner range is designed to breakdown in approximately 90 - 180 days depending on compost environment (please note that they will not break down adequately if sent to landfill). Composting results in organic components being released (carbon dioxide and water) with no harmful residues left behind.

Bags per roll: 5
Capacity: 60 litres
Size (mm): 640(w) x 780(h) + 170(Tie Handle)
Rolls in a carton: 30
Total bags in carton: 150

What are the compostable bags made from?

Our compostable bags are made from GMO-free corn starch, PLA and PBAT. This new compostable material is designed to degrade in moist conditions and return to carbon dioxide and water without leaving harmful residues in the process. Our compostable products are all certified to strict international standards and we go so far as to use non-toxic inks in the printing on these products.

How long do they take to compost?

Compostable bags will take approximately 90-180 days to decompose depending on the composting environment. Industrial composting is typically quicker than home composting for two main reasons:

1) temperatures reached inside a home composting bin is usually only a few centigrade degrees higher than the outside temperature, and this is true for short time periods (in industrial composting, the temperatures reach 50°C – with peaks of 60-70°C – for a number of months).

2) home composting bins are managed by everyday people and the composting conditions might not always be ideal (in contrast, industrial composting plants are managed by qualified personnel and kept under ideal working conditions).

How do I use my compostable bin liners?

This new material is slightly different to the traditional plastic you may have used to line your bin in the past. It is designed to break down! To avoid disappointment, please change your liner every 2-3 days, avoid excessive moisture, avoid sharp objects, and store them in a cool dry place (avoid temperatures over 19 degrees celsius). Check the date of manufacture printed on the label and use within 12 months from this date.

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