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Yes you can use Ecopack compostable liners for kerbside collection

Yes you can use Ecopack compostable liners for kerbside collection

Contrary to Auckland Council’s advertising, which tells you to “think pink” for compostable bin liners, you have plenty of other, convenient options for lining your food scraps bin.

You are welcome to use any other compostable liner, or a piece of newspaper, or paper towel, or paper bag, or nothing at all!

Lots of people choose to line their kitchen caddy and food scrap bin because it makes life easy. It keeps your bin clean and reduces odours.

But you don’t have to hunt out Council’s pink liners to take part in their kerbside collections. You can use Ecopack compostable liners (or any other brand for that matter).

What’s important is not the colour but whether or not the bag you chose has achieved recognised composting certifications.

All Ecopack compostable bin liners meet strict composting standards. In fact, we go one step further and make sure Ecopack compostable products are not just certified for industrial/commercial composting but that they’re certified for home composting too.

Ecopack bin liners come in a variety of sizes and are widely available through kiwi supermarkets – making them the convenient choice for kerbside organic collections.

Check with your local Council to see what bin liners, and feed stock, they accept. There are some differences between local bodies depending on where they send food scraps and which method it's being composted under. But, by and large, Ecopack bin liners are a safe bet (we haven't been refused in a municipal collection yet!).

The 8L caddy liner is generously sized and will fit your benchtop or kitchen caddy. While the 18L and 27L bin liners will fit small to medium kitchen bins and your green kerbside bin.

Shop compostable bin liners online here.

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