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Liners for all Bins

Liners for all Bins

Yes, you can get compostable rubbish sacks and liners for wheelie bins too!

A common misconception about compostable bin liners is that they’re only available in sizes suitable for standard kitchen bins. Sure, these popular sizes might be what you find at your local supermarket but, you can get compostable bags and bin liners in a variety of sizes and formats.

We often hear comments like “what’s the point of putting my kitchen rubbish in a biodegradable bag when it just ends up inside a plastic rubbish sack?”. If you intend to load multiple full kitchen tidy bags into a larger rubbish bag, of course it makes sense to use a rubbish bag, clean sack or wheelie bin liner made from the same 100% compostable and biodegradable material.

Ecopack compostable bin liners start at 7L capacity (perfect for extra small bathroom bins or bench-top compost caddies) and go right up to 240L (suitable for large wheelie bins and commercial use). And there are lots of options in between!

The compostable bin liners most often seen in your local supermarket are 18L (small), 27L (medium) and 36L (large) which cover standard pull-out and pedestal bins.

If you can’t find the size or format of bin liner you need,at your local store, please see the entire range available for purchase direct from our website:

Supermarkets and retailers are increasing their eco ranges every day. If they’re not doing so already, please encourage your local store to start ranging Ecopack’s biodegradable and compostable bin liners!

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