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What is Fairtrade all about?

What is Fairtrade all about?

Have you ever wondered where the clothing you wear, the chocolate you love or the coffee you drank came from? Who grows and harvests them and how they may be impacted by the brand you just bought?

Here at Eco Bags we care about ethics and integrity and by doing so, we are proud to have Fairtrade certified products.

What does buying Fairtrade certified products mean?

By choosing to buy Fairtrade products you’re making a big difference to the lives of farmers and workers behind your most frequently purchased products.

It means you are supporting fairness & sustainability in developing countries whether its fair pay, fair conditions, gender equality or ensuring the environment is protected during the harvest.

How can we all get involved?

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT: 4TH – 17TH AUGUST 2017 The good people of Fairtrade NZ have introduced Fairtrade Fortnight– which is a community driven campaign to get everyone on board to stand up for what you believe in and choose to make the right decisions, by making sure you choose Fairtrade over mass-produced brands that exploit their workers.

The benefits of the Eco bags Fairtrade tote bag:

Eco bags are extremely proud to produce reusable Fairtrade tote bags with Fairtrade Cotton. Here are some of the key benefits:


5 Benefits of using a Fairtrade tote bag:

  • Eco Bags supports Fairtrade cotton because we pay better prices to farmers and workers, provide decent working conditions & and achieve local sustainability in the developing world.
  • Saving plastic from landfill by using a re-useable Tote bag, think of all the landfill waste you will save from avoiding multiple single use plastics which are toxic and will be around for hundreds of years.
  • Sustainable crops Fairtrade ensures farming practices are much more environmentally friendly in the production process than other mass producers, which protects workers and consumers.
  • Sending the Fairtrade message – the Eco bag Fairtrade tote has a message ‘fairness – ive got it in the bag’ that everyone in your surroundings will see and realise you are making a commitment towards your values which can encourage others.
  • Share the story as we make the change towards Fairtrade products, we can explain to others why this is important, which gets people thinking about the importance of adopting the Fairtrade shopping approach.

So with ‘Fairtrade fortnight’ underway we are asking you to join us in celebrating all things Fairtrade. This month we will keep you updated with more products, stories and all things Fairtrade that most households use in their everyday life.

The amazing team behind the Fairtrade fortnight campaign have a hamper prize up for grabs, just fill out the survey and enter the draw to win a $100 Fairtrade hamper. Fairtrade Survey- click here: To read more about Fairtrade cotton: you can follow Fairtrade Nz on Facebook here

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