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We’ve contributed 3,000 native trees!

We’ve contributed 3,000 native trees!

We're backing the good mahi of Trees That Count for the sixth year running. To date we have funded 3,000 native trees. And, so far, those trees have been distributed to 11 planting projects across the country.

Donating to native tree planting is one small thing we can do to have a positive impact on our beautiful big backyard. Those 3,000 trees will help to remove around 683 tonnes of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere over 50 years.

Trees That Count is managed by environmental charity Project Crimson. The initiative matches funders like us to schools, community groups and whanau across the motu who are undertaking environmental restoration and native tree planting projects.

Each year we take a look around us and consider how we can put a little portion of our earnings back into fighting for the environment. We started supporting Trees That Count back in 2019 – and we’ve been so impressed with their efforts that we’ve returned as funders every year for six years.

We love that their system allows us to see where our contributions are going. These are a planters we have supported so far…

We’ve supported wide range of planters across the country - councils, farmers, schools, iwi and volunteers who are all putting in the mahi to grow a greener future for Aotearoa.

If you love New Zealand's big backyard, like we do, then we urge you to get involved too. Visit Trees That Count to see how you can get involved by gifting trees or becoming a funder, planter, or volunteer.

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