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Smart sustainable solutions for preparing and storing food

Smart sustainable solutions for preparing and storing food

We love that people are bringing eco-consciousness into their home and office kitchens! The days of use-what-you-need-and-throw-the-rest-away are long gone. Now that we know all about food waste, food miles, and climate change there’s no looking back.

Most of us are trying to limit wastage. We buy local where we can. We tote our reusable drink bottles everywhere instead of buying bottled water. And we favour reusable containers over single-use plastic where it’s practical.

As a company we’re trying to do our bit by providing smart, sustainable solutions and easy alternatives for kiwis to use in their work and living every day. As such, there's an evolving collection of food prep essentials on our website. You can shop for items like compostable cling wrap, reusable bamboo cloths, biodegradable bin liners, and compostable snack bags and sandwich bags.

Sometimes we see a traditional plastic product and wonder how we can make it a little more sustainable. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to come up with a practical reusable solution so we try to design our alternative to be as smart as possible.

Take compostable cling wrap for example. It would be nice to think that people will reuse their cling film - but we’re realists - we know that you don’t want last night’s curry sauce smeared across your freshly cut avocado. So we thought about how we could limit wastage instead.

That led us to creating three size variants of compostable cling wrap. There’s mega for industrious users of cling wrap (usually food service customers), regular for most home and office kitchens, and mini, which is perfect for single serves, cut fruit and leftovers.

We’re always thinking about what other simple products could replace those that are destined for landfill after use. If you have any ideas please feel free to reach out and tell us about it! Or if you have any eco-friendly meal prep hacks please share those too. You can contact us directly or tag us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Like you, we’re keen to share and learn about how we can live more sustainably and secure a greener future. Your ideas might lead to the next product innovation or they might encourage another earth-loving kiwi to live a little more lightly. It all counts!

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