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Free shipping nationwide on orders over $150*
Free shipping nationwide on orders over $150*

NZ's favourite bin liners now available in bulk packs and on subscription

NZ's favourite bin liners now available in bulk packs and on subscription

If your love for eco-conscious consumables has you constantly restocking your supply of Ecopack bin liners – then we have great news for you! Our most popular home compostable bin liners now come bulk packed in a convenient, robust eco-friendly kraft box. And, what’s more, you can subscribe to have them delivered to your door each month so that you never run out again (and you’ll get a tidy little discount on every purchase to boot!).

Bulk packs are available for our four top-selling bin liners:

8L: ED4408, 60 bags per box
18L: ED4418, 50 bags per box
27L: ED4427, 50 bags per box
36L: ED4436, 40 bags per box

Bulk packs (subscribe and save) available in four sizes

Inside each box you’ll find the same great product that you already know and love. Kiwi’s have taken to these bin liners so well that our Ecopack 27L compostable bin liner is the top selling kitchen tidy bag in New Zealand supermarkets – it even outsells all the cheap and nasty traditional plastic bin liners!

- Contains GMO-free corn starch
- Expected to break down in 90-180 days
- Certified home compostable
- Bags have handles for ease of use
- Extra microns for strength

Repeat subscription is made easy – simply order online normally but choose whether you’d like to have replacements sent out every 5 or 10 weeks. And, in doing so, you’ll also save 10% on the standard retail price.

If you have any trouble navigating the webstore or have further queries, our friendly sales support staff are standing by to help.

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