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eco organic bags

Plastic is so last season

Organic cotton produce bags are the perfect answer to eliminating all those flimsy single use plastic bags when buying your fruit and vege.

We have all had that frustrating moment where you automatically reach for the roll of plastic bags in the produce section of the supermarket but know there's got to be a more sustainable way. The conventional way to carry all our produce, whether its beans, potatoes or mandarins, is to use the supplied bags, which make it super convenient for the checkout. But now there's a better way! Reusable 100% organic cotton produce bags are the perfect answer.

We found the trick to doing any grocery shopping is to make sure you keep your Ecopack string fresh produce bags together in a convenient location - in the car or by the door - for the next time you shop. And, even better, the cotton composition may even help keep your produce fresher for longer in the fridge and the bags themselves last a very long time.

5 cotton fresh produce bag facts:

1. Every time you use the cotton produce bags you are saving the environment from unnecessary plastic.

2. By not leaving your produce in plastic, you're reducing the risk of BPA chemicals harming your food.

3. Cotton produce bags are stylish. Lead by example and start a sustainable trend.

4. Ecopack cotton produce bags use Fairtrade organic cotton so there are no nasty chemicals in the harvest process.

5. You'll save money with fruit and vegies that last longer and you'll contribute less waste to landfill.

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