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Now you have more “green” mailing options

Now you have more “green” mailing options

We've on a mission to make courier packs more sustainable. With millions of plastic parcels being sent everyday this is one area where all Kiwi businesses and consumers could make a difference.

Green is the new black 

For some time we have been producing compostable courier bags - the old white ones are on sale while stocks last as they're end-of-line; being replaced by the nice new dark green versions. And we’ve also recently created an entirely new line of recycled mailers too (the new dark blue ones).

How are Ecopack Mailers different?

We're not the only ones trying to provide a more sustainable alternative to conventional single-use plastic mailers. But there are a couple of things that make ours different:

💚 Ecopack courier bags are double-layered because, let's face it, they need to be fit-for-purpose and make it to their destination intact.

💚 Ecopack courier bags feature a second line of seal - so they can go another round before being disposed of.

💚 You choose which material (compostable or recycled) based on how they're intended to be disposed.

Shop the range here 👉

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