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New poop bags are here

New poop bags are here

We’ve been hard at work developing new-look poop bags. While the branding and packaging has changed, our high-quality and our environmental commitment remains the same.

The new Ecopack poop bag range will include two distinct varieties – those made with recycled ocean-bound plastic or home compostable.

Choose recycled plastic (the blue ones) if you’re likely to throw your used bags in a general waste bin destined for landfill. Or choose compostable  (the green ones) if you’re picking up poop on your property or will carry it home with you to dispose in a home compost (that’s kept away from edible plants) or commercial facility that accepts pet waste.

Ocean-bound plastic poop bags are currently they’re available in a grab'n'go dispenser, which is bulk packed with 300 strong, unscented, leak-proof poop bags. Perfect for pantry or car boot storage, these bags are made with recycled plastic that has been collected from shorelines and waterways before it has the chance to wash out sea.

ocean-bound plastic poop bag product features

The new Ecopack Home Compostable Poop Bags - the green ones - supersede the old Earth Rated compostable equivalent. They’re certified to strict Australasian and European standards and are currently available in a 4 roll (60 bags) refill pack.

Home compostable poop bag product features

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