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Make this Halloween more eco-friendly

Make this Halloween more eco-friendly

As with all celebrations, it can be easy to revert to single-use plastic and throw away products when preparing for Halloween. But with a little forethought, you can make your Halloween more sustainable, bespoke, and spooky. Here’s how…

Create your own candy containers

Don’t buy a themed plastic bag or bowl that will be used once and discarded. Either dig out your previous years’ container or let the kids create their own spooky creation. Decorate a simple paper bag, resuable tote, or paint an old ice cream container.

Upcycled costumes

Say no to polyester single-use costumes and instead think about what you can cobble together from old clothes and the dress up box. Get creative! Add some paint and existing accessories and you’ll be amazed at how you can transform and item from the back of your own wardrobe. Take an old ball dress or retro shirt and add a splash of fake blood – gruesomely awesome! If you don’t have anything old to sacrifice into a costume, then try the local thrift or op shop.

Use that pumpkin!

Carving a scary face into a fresh pumpkin is such a fun thing to do. Just make sure you save the flesh to make soup or salad. Save the seeds for eating (or at least to feed to the birds). And compost the skin once your done with the jack-o-lantern.

DIY decorations

Instead of decorating your front doorstep with throw-away plastic, try making your own decorations. Think gnarly looking tree branches and pulled cotton balls for cobwebs. Old dolls can be made to look truly horrific. And old milk bottles can be fashioned into bones and skeletons or ghost lanterns.

Fairtrade treats

If you’re buying candy or chocolate to give out the neighborhood kids, make your purchase count by buying Fairtrade chocolate or locally made treats.


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