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Bin liners that clean your home and the sea

Bin liners that clean your home and the sea

Eight million tons of plastic pollution pours into our oceans every year. And it's now known that 80% of marine plastic comes from land. So, we've collected a heap of that plastic waste - from coastal communities and shorelines - and turned it into useful product.

Together we can ebb the flow of plastic pollution and help save our oceans and marine life.

Every premium roll (containing 60% OBP) saves the equivalent of 4x 1L plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans.

Every roll saves the equivilent of 4x 1L plastic bottles for ending up in the ocean

Discarded plastic waste within 50km of the shore is collected, baled up, and processed into usable recycled plastic. The supply chain is independently audited by SEArcular.

There's a range of ocean plastic bin liners to cater to all bin sizes in home and commercial applications:

Premium range (contains 60% recycled ocean-bound plastic):

Industrial range (bulk packed and low cost):

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