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Green Christmas Gifts

Green Christmas Gifts

12 simple hacks to make your Christmas gift giving a little greener

Us kiwis generate about 30% more rubbish over the Christmas season. So we thought it would be useful to suggest a few easy ways to reduce your waste and promote sustainability these holidays…

If you’re mailing gifts use compostable courier bags

Millions of plastic courier bags are being sent to landfill to sit for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Show you care by using our compostable courier bags which contain natural corn starch. And the A2, A3, A4 versions even feature a second line of seal so they can be re-used before reaching their end-of-life.

Re-use gift wrap and ribbons

Save pretty gift wrap to use again. Cheap and easy!

Recycle kraft paper gift wrap

The good news is that simple paper gift wrap can be recycled (just be sure to remove tape, decorations, labels or ribbons first). The bad news is that most of the gift wrap being used today is not recyclable because it’s either been lined with plastic, or foil, or is too thin to contain good quality fibres, or is decorated with glitter. Which brings us to the next idea…

When buying new gift wrap, buy forest friendly kraft paper

That way you’ll be using a product that is recycled, further recycleable, and ultimately biodegradable. Purchase recycled kraft paper that has been sourced from sustainable forests.

Source beautiful gift wrapping decorations from nature

A few pine needles strategically placed, or a small olive branch, make amazing decorations. No more ghastly tinsel and glitter! Go a step further and decorate your dining table with pine cones and branches.

Re-use wrapping paper, bags and ribbons for kids holiday crafts

Fashion pretty envelopes, make wrapping into paper bunting, make paper star medallions. Use Google or Pintererst for inspiration.

Re-use old fabric to wrap

We love the idea of having a colour palette and playing with texture. It’s amazing what you can re-use that’s already lying around your home or pop to your local craft/fabric store and grab some Christmas-themed goodness.

Shop locally for gifts

Keep your community running while saving on fuel. It’s a win-win. And you’ll usually find something more unique.

Gift an experiences

A voucher or ticket won’t end up in landfill and life is all about making wonderful memories.

Make your own gifts

If you can create something that your loved one will hold onto for years to come, it’s worth it. That personal touch really is special.

Give gifts that promote sustainability

Sometimes all we need is the push to make change. So grab a reusable coffee cup for dad, some cotton tote bags for your sister, a rat trap for grandad, and a composting starter kit for mum. Planting a tree every year is a great idea too!

Give your gift in paper bag

Our punched handled paper bags are perfect for this. They’re strong, stand tall, and look cute as can be with a ribbon or length of recycled lace tied through the handle. Christmas time is all about being present with your family and friends. We wish you all a relaxing, reinvigorating, happy and healthy holiday season. If you’re going to take on board any of these tips, be sure to tag us (@ecobagsnz) in your photos. We’d love to see them! And if you have any tips of your own, please tag us so we can share those too.


Merry Christmas!

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