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Finding friends with composting benefits

Finding friends with composting benefits

We’re all about the composting life here at Ecobags - we have compostable cling wrap, compostable sandwich bags and even compostable dog poop bags. But, as enticing as the idea of turning everyday waste into garden nutrients is, these compostable products are of limited benefit if you don’t have the ability to compost.

 If you like the idea of composting but don’t have the space in your yard for a home compost pile, or perhaps just don’t have the time or patience, or maybe you’re just new to the team…then let us introduce you to the idea of sharing your waste.

 You can have your waste collected by a company that specialises in collecting organic matter and manufacturing commercial compost (for a list of those see Or you chose the free option of enlisting your neighbours’ help via The Compost Collective’s ShareWaste scheme.

 The Compost Collective is an Auckland-based group dedicated to teaching you how to compost and supporting you in your efforts. 50% of your household waste is organic and these guys want to help you turn it into a resource for healthy soil instead of landfill.

Their ShareWaste scheme ( connects you with neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens - you get to easily divert your kitchen scraps from landfill while getting to know the people around you!

 The Compost Collective is supported by Auckland Council, Kaipatiki Project, and Ecomatters. On their website ( ) you can find handy online tools for worm farming to building your own compost bin, plus workshops the team are running.


 Download the ShareWaste app for Apple

Download the ShareWaste app for Android:

Visit The Compost Collective site: or

Visit the ShareWaste site:

View a list of organic waste collectors:



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