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Fairtrade cotton impact report

Fairtrade cotton impact report

We love reading the latest Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand impact reports. It’s gratifying to see that even though we’re just a small kiwi company we are able to directly contribute to making life better for cotton farmers in the developing world and their communities.

The Fairtrade system allows farmers to improve their livelihoods by investing in community projects, or projects that focus on sustainable farming practices which not only guide producers to adapt to climate change, but also encourage them to mitigate their impact.

The latest cotton impact report shows how the Fairtrade premium is being used in small producer organisations:

  • To buy agricultural tools and inputs
  • To implement best practise on-farm
  • Contributing toward education services in the local community
  • Providing health services for members
  • Contributing toward community infrastructure

Read Fairtrade Australia & NZ’s latest cotton impact report here:

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