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Cotton on to Fairtrade

Cotton on to Fairtrade

While we definitely care for the environment, here at Ecobags, people are really important to us too. We try to help the planet out in more ways than one, which is why Ecobags has a range of 100% Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Bags.

..But what does it mean?

The Fairtrade stamp can be found on a range of different products from coffee, to popcorn to chocolate. It’s a stamp that’s recognised around the globe to say that a product has come from sources that care about the livelihood of workers in developing countries. Fairtrade advocates for better working conditions and improved trading terms for the farmers and workers involved, which enables them to build secure futures for their businesses, co-workers, communities and families.

..And why cotton?

When it comes to Fairtrade, there's a reason we care about cotton! Cotton is said to be one of the most important fibre crops in the world, however, leading producers in countries such as China, India, and Central and West Africa live in hardship. As richer countries can afford to offer government subsidies to their cotton farmers, they create markets with artificially low prices that make it hard for small scale farmers to compete in. But that’s where Fairtrade comes in. The Fairtrade model makes it simple for companies like us to source cotton on Fairtrade conditions, so that smaller scale farmers can benefit.

Of course, another benefit of Fairtrade cotton is that it is excellent quality, which is a seriously useful quality when it comes to items that are meant to be reused multiple times.

For those that may want to use their bags for marketing purposes, the classic Organic and Fairtrade Tote Bag is a brilliant option - and we can help you with the branding!

Then, there are the long and short handled Ecobags String Bags (you’ll see them marked with Fairtrade certification veru soon). These are brilliant for storing in your handbag, but pack away a produce aisle worth of product; the more you put in them, the bigger they get! To cover all shopping bases, Ecobags also have string bags for your produce; no more thin, single use plastic bags needed!

Support Fairtrade!

A little more money guarantees quality with organic production and gives peace of mind. While awareness of Fairtrade products was heightened in August in honor of Fairtrade Fortnight, we encourage everyone to shop fairtrade when they can - and to put it in a Fairtrade Organic Cotton Bag when they do!

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