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Compostable ziplock bags now in snack size!

Compostable ziplock bags now in snack size!

Our popular compostable ziplock bags are now available in snack size - so you can enjoy all of the convenience of traditional ziplock bags with none of the guilt. 

These new biodegradable snack bags are certified for both home and commercial composting. You can wipe them out and reuse them. Then, once finished with, the whole bag can be put in a compost bin (the thicker zip will take a little longer to decompose).

✅  100% biodegradable
✅  Certified home compostable
✅  Contains GMO-free corn starch
✅  Food and freezer safe
✅  Breaks down in 90-180 days

Compostable resealable bags are available in both sandwich size and the new snack size.

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