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Check manufacture date when you buy compostable cling

Check manufacture date when you buy compostable cling

We’ve heard a few complaints lately about compostable cling wrap degrading and becoming too sticky and hard to use. Each of these complaints relates to out-of-date stock – but we understand it’s annoying none-the-less.

Compostable products are designed to break down. But if they’re stored correctly and used within 12-months of the date of manufacture (which you’ll find printed on the box) then your product should not be anywhere near beginning to decompose.

In fact, we find with most of our compostable products, you could get 24-months shelf life if they’re kept somewhere dark, dry and cool.

But back to compostable cling wrap – it’s the worst offender because it’s a fiddly product anyway and being thin and sticky is what makes protect and preserve food so well.

Here’s some tips to ensure you get maximum usage from your cling wrap:

  • Check date of manufacture before you buy; and know that the product is ‘best before’ 12 months from that date
  • Store compostable products in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Avoid excess moisture; while some compostable products (like our compostable resealable bags) can endure being washed and reused, cling wrap will perform best if kept dry
  • Avoid sharp edges (it goes without saying that if your cling wrap is stabbed by a knife while stored in the same drawer it may before more difficult to peel off the roll)
  • Use the cutting slide provided; compostable cling wrap will be harder to tear off than traditional plastic wrap, which is why we provide a cutting slide with every box

Unfortunately we don’t have control of  how long a product is on-shelf when out there in a supermarket or retail environment. So we’re calling on you good people to do your own due diligence at point of purchase.

Treat compostable products the same way you would food products. Check the dates, know how long it’s good for, store it correctly, and dispose (in your compost) after it’s expired.

Happy composting.

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