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OC-70 XL Ocean-Bound Plastic 70L Bin Liners


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These new bin liners are made from 60% recycled ocean-bound plastic waste. They're perfect for extra-large kitchen bins, garbage bins and commercial use. They have a drawstring closure to make it super easy to tie off and carry away. Do your part to ebb the flow of plastic waste by using a bin liner made from plastic waste that has been collected from coastal communities, shorelines and riverbanks before it washes out to sea.

Size (mm): 680(w) x 860(h) + 40(Drawstring Closure)
Quantity per roll: 5

Order 30 Rolls to receive one Carton

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Eight million tons of plastic pollution pours into our oceans every year. And it's now known that 80% of marine plastic comes from land. Together we can stop the flow of some of that plastic pollution.

Discarded plastic waste within 50km of the shore is collected, baled up, and processed into usable recycled plastic. These tidy bags are made with 60% recycled ocean-bound plastic content. The supply chain is independently audited by SEArcular.

Bags per roll: 5
Capacity: 70 litres
Size (mm): 680(w) x 860(h) + 40(Drawstring Closure)
Rolls in a carton: 30
Total bags in carton: 150

Product barcode:  9421905811606

What is ocean-bound plastic?

Ocean-bound plastic (OBP) is post-consumer trash that has been recovered from coastal areas. 80% of plastic in the ocean comes from land, so by collecting plastic waste from waterways, coastlines and riverbanks (within 50km of the shore) we're able to prevent that flow and help protect the ocean.

Does it make a difference to the environment?

Like all sustainability measures, every little bit helps. Every roll of 60% OBP that you buy saves the equivalent of approximately 4x 1L plastic bottles from ending up in our oceans. Using OBP in our products means that we are intercepting plastic waste at the source, putting less reliance on virgin plastics, reducing the flow of pollution headed offshore, protecting sea life, and supporting local communities.

Why use ocean-bound plastic?

The ocean needs our help. Plastic waste is choking our oceans, killing marine life and threatening ecosystems. But each one of us can make a difference by making smart consumer choices.

Where is the ocean-bound plastic collected from?

We're currently using recycled ocean-bound plastic collected from beaches and shorelines in South East Asia. These areas have terrible marine pollution and little structured waste management. Regardless of where the raw OBP material comes from, if allowed to flow into the ocean it's a problem for all of us!

How do I dispose of my waste?

By using an ocean-bound recycled bag you’re being part of the solution, enabling the prevention of further marine plastic pollution. These bin liners are designed to carry general waste destined for landfill.

Can we be sure that these bags are helping the ocean?

Our ocean-bound plastic bin liners carry the SEArcular stamp. SEArcular is an ocean bound plastic initiative by Greencore (a global recycling group). The entire supply chain is audited and traceable - from the waste pickers on the beach to the plastic suppliers.