EJ-204 Jute Wine bag

Present wine in an eco friendly way with reusable Jute Wine Bags, perfect for corporate gifts or to use in place of plastic bags at the liquor store. Handles are made from sustainable Bamboo giving the bags and earthy look and feel. With an inside th…Read More

  • Size : 11.5cm(w) X 35cm(h) X 10.5cm(g)
  • Buy Now: In stock - Unprinted
  • SKU : EJ-204

Custom made to order.

Eco Feature(s):

Available only on order. Minimum order quantity is 200 pieces.


What is the minimum quantity for Jute bag orders?

For domestic local branded orders, the minimum quantity is 500 pcs. For overseas orders the minimum quantity is 500-1000 pcs.

Are these bags Biodegradable?

Yes the unlined Jute bags are Biodegradable and a more sustainable option.

Jute uses much less water to produce, requires no chemical pesticides and fertilisers to grow, and replenishes much faster. Like bamboo, jute absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen much faster than trees. Jute also enhances the fertility of the soil it grows on for future crops.

*Please note our lined Jute bags have a thin layer of plastic to enable them to hold their shape, make them easier to wipe clean and has the bags last a lot longer.

Can Jute bags be Printed on?

Yes however we do have recommendations for printing on jute here

See more frequently asked questions here


Orders placed with Ecobags include the following delivery charges:


ZoneEstimated DeliveryPer Order ChargeRural SurchargeCountries
North Island (NZ)to 4 days$7.99$5.00
South Island (NZ)to 5 days$9.50$5.00


Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy for further information and guidance on how to make a return.


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