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End of Life Disposal Options for Compostable Products

All of our compostable products are certified for both home and industrial composting.
In an ideal world, your compostable bin liner will be filled with compostable materials placed in your home compost pile to become nutrients for your garden.

PackagingContentEnd of life disposal
Compostable bin linersVegetable and fruit scraps, grass clippings, leaves, coffee grounds, paper and cardboard (uncoated), crushed egg shells, pasta/rice, breads, nuts, seaweed, popcorn, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, tissues, nail clippings, cotton balls, dryer lint, hair, pencil shavings, flowers, droppings from herbivorous pets
  • Your home compost system
  • Participating commercial composter
For a list of New Zealand facilities that accept compostable packaging please see the WasteMINZ website.

Ecobags Catalogue

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Ecopack Catalogue

A separate website detailing the latest ecopack products is coming soon. Until then, please refer to the catalogue below.

Plastic Bag Free NZ, What Are Your Options?

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