SKU-03 Kitchen Caddy 7L

Easily dispose of food scraps in this handy kitchen bench-top caddy. The hinged snap fitting lid and locking mechanism avoids spills, secures the caddy’s liner, and keeps odours locked away.

  • Size : Caddy - 220mm(w) x 190mm(d) x 210mm(h)

$12.99 (inc GST)

Eco Feature(s):

Easily dispose of scrap food waste from plates in this handy kitchen-top caddy. The hinged snap fitting lid and locking mechanism avoids spillages, provides a trap to secure the caddy’s liner, and retains moisture to keep odours locked away.

Wide opening for easy access
Lid to retain moisture and avoid odours
Lockable lid
Carry Handle
Liner trap to secure bag


Caddy – 220mm(w) x 190mm(d) x 210mm(h)

What are the compostable bags made with?

Our compostable range is manufactured from corn starch bio-resins, PLA and PBAT. This new compostable material is designed to degrade in moist conditions and return to carbon dioxide and water without leaving harmful residues in the process. Our compostable products are all certified to strict international standards and we go so far as to use non-toxic inks in the printing on these products.

How long do they take to compost?

Compostable bags will take approximately 90-180 days to decompose depending on the composting environment. Industrial composting is typically quicker than home composting for two main reasons:

1) temperatures reached inside a home composting bin is usually only a few centigrade degrees higher than the outside temperature, and this is true for short time periods (in industrial composting, the temperatures reach 50°C – with peaks of 60-70°C – for a number of months).

2) home composting bins are managed by everyday people and the composting conditions might not always be ideal (in contrast, industrial composting plants are managed by qualified personnel and kept under ideal working conditions).

How do I use my compostable bin liners?

This new material is slightly different to the traditional plastic you may have used to line your bin in the past. It is designed to break down! To avoid disappointment, please change your liner every 2-3 days, avoid excessive moisture, avoid sharp objects, and store them in a cool dry place (avoid temperatures over 19 degrees celsius). Check the date of manufacture printed on the label and use within 8 months from this date.

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