Plastic is so last season

Eco Bags organic cotton produce bags are the perfect answer to eliminating all those flimsy single use plastic bags when buying your produce.

We have all been in those frustrating moments where we are almost forced into
reaching for the roll of plastic bags to carry all our produce, whether its beans, potatoes or mandarins we were
always trained to try and making it more convenient for the checkout and at home.. we are delighted to say
that comes to an end by replacing the plastic with re-useable cotton produce bags is the perfect
We found the trick to doing any grocery shopping is to make sure you keep your reusable bags together and keep some
in the car/ or by the door for the next time you shop. Another good trick, the cotton composition will also make your produce last
longer in the fridge and not to mention the stylish natural cotton look will be able to last for a very long time.
5 cotton produce bags facts:
1. Every time you use the cotton produce bags you are saving the environment from wasted plastic
2. By not leaving your produce in plastic reduces the bpa chemicals that can be harmful to our food.
3. Cotton produce bags are a stylish look, whilst shopping lead by example to others and being cotton, the
produce bags will last years
4. Our cotton produce bags are organic made from certified factories that take care of the source of the cotton which means it’s chemical free in the harvest process.
5. You will save hundreds of dollars per year on keeping your food fresh, by keeping your produce for
longer and having less waste will mean you will save money and waste in the landfill in the long run.