Turn the tide on marine plastic
Plastic waste is choking our oceans, killing marine life and threatening ecosystems.
The ocean needs our help. Each and every one of us can make a difference.
Bin liners made from ocean plastic* clean your home and the sea.
Available from ecobags.co.nz and all good supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.
Made with trash
For your trash
These rubbish bags are made from
ocean-bound plastic that has been
recovered from coastlines and waterways.
These bin liners are designed to carry
general waste destined for landfill.
8 million tonnes
of plastic ends up in
our oceans every year.
Indonesia is currently ranked as
the one of the world’s worst
marine plastic polluters. But
regardless of origin, ocean plastic
affects us all.
If we can’t curb the flow, it is
predicted that there will be
more plastic than fish
in the ocean by 2050.

We recycle ocean bound plastic
(post-consumer trash), which has
been collected from up to 50km of
South East Asian shorelines.
That sounds like a big area but it
allows for collection along riverbanks
that lead to the ocean because
80% of plastic in the
ocean comes from land.
Discarded plastic waste is collected,
balled up and processed into usable
recycled plastic. The supply chain is
independently audited by SEArcular.
The ecopack tidy bags you'll 
find in the supermarket are
made with 60% recycled
ocean plastic.
Help us solve plastic pollution at the source, and put more value on recycling,
by choosing Ecopack Ocean Plastic Bin Liners next time you shop.