The Greener Way To Scoop Your Pet

Did you know that there is a recyclable alternative to pet waste bags? They are a lesser-known but highly essential part of preserving our global ecosystem, and it all starts with what type of material bag you choose to scoop your pet’s poo.

We are the only distributors located in New Zealand of many different kinds of eco-friendly alternatives to the regular kinds of pet waste bags made from environmentally harmful materials like paper or plastic. Our specialty, Earth Rated Poop Bags can come scented or unscented, making the not-so-fun task of picking up after your pet while you take them out on walks a little more fun and, best of all, better for the environment! They are high-quality and affordable, meaning you, your pet, the environment, and your wallet can all be happy. We offer five different Earth Rated Poop Bags products: Dispgreen, Bio120, Bio300, Comp60, and finally, Biohandle120. Green Dispgreen comes with over fifteen lavender-scented, eco-friendly pet waste bags in one roll. Bio120 comes with over fifteen lavender-scented, eco-friendly pet waste bags in eight rolls per box and is compatible with Green Dispgreen. Bio300 is a dispenser box with over three hundred lavender-scented, eco-friendly pet waste bags per box. Comp60 has over fifteen compostable, unscented bags per roll, with four rolls per box, and is also compatible with Dispgreen. Finally, Biohandle120 is a dispenser box with over 120 lavender-scented, extra-large, and eco-friendly pet waste bags per box, and they even come with handles to make scooping your pet’s waste easier and not as gross, along with being greener.

Ecobags is a growing business based in New Zealand dedicated to providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags and giving customers smarter and more sustainable packaging choices. Ecobags supplies bags made from eco-friendly materials like jute, cotton, canvas, and other non-woven fabrics directly imported from overseas to help provide more environmentally-friendly bagging solutions for our customers and to reduce the amount of damaging plastic waste worldwide. Our jute bags, canvas tote bags, printed or customizable paper bags, and reusable grocery bags are just some of many reusable and compostable bags we offer as alternatives to regular bags and plastic bags that can decimate animal populations and pollute our world’s beautiful ecosystems. To learn more about our mission and how we provide smart and reusable solutions for a greener environment, visit us online, read our blog, or contact us today.