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Retail bags priced to clear

Retail bags priced to clear

We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to keep trading throughout the COVID-19 lockdown thanks to our Ecopack compostable products sold through supermarkets. But, like many, this unprecedented event has impacted other parts of our business.

Now we’re cleaning house and a couple of our retail bag lines are priced to clear!

Small compostable punched handle retail bags have been reduced to $12.80 for a set of 50 (just $0.25 per bag!). These compostable retail bags are certified for home and commercial composting and meet NZ government legislation being over 70 microns in thickness.

Large recyclable loop handle retail bags are reduced to $30 for a set of 100 (just $0.30 per bag; a massive 40% discount!). These super strong bags are big enough to carry shoe boxes and robust enough to hold heavy electronics. They’re reusable, recyclable and also meet NZ government legislation as they are much heavier than the required 70 microns in thickness.

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